chapter five: going public


The artist has persuaded his sceptical brand strategist, Suzette Clarke, that the successful separation of reputational value from the physical product of art now warrants the commodification of value as a standalone entity.


Has greed now taken over from the artist’s honest, enquiring intent? Or is he (somewhat recklessly) following a practice he calls 'replicational'?


Kapital is ‘going public’. An IPO (initial public offering) is announced to the public on 9th July, 2015 - during the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. A professional investment advisor, Luvuyo Yanta, has been engaged by the artist to conduct the presentation at this gala event.



Enter Davina Montrose. While Davina reports from events on the 2015 National Arts Festival via her eponymous blogsite, she describes herself as a social commentator rather than a critic. Davina's primary interests are art and culture, and her blogs reveal a keen interest in interrogating questions around the art object and the marketplace.


Quite what piques her intense curiosity in the Kapital project is, however, a matter of mystery. [video above]








Davina's blog: