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da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’ is estimated to be worth US$780 million which equates to something like R1,5 million per square centimetre. The thing is, that if you were to actually cut the painting up into little blocks, the individual pieces would probably retain that value - if not escalate. An extreme example, but nonetheless one that indicates the departure from base value of the object due to an accrued reputation that accompanies the work.


What happens if that surrounding reputation is the work itself? Not as a result of any inherited value in this case but, in Kapital, as a deliberate, self-contained conceptual construct.



Kapital is a real-time narrative that, through the interplay of public intervention, social media, and scripted sequences, occupies precarious territory between fact and fiction.


For a chronological experience of the story, follow the tabs from left to right, culminating in the latest episode: ‘please leave a message after the tone..’