chapter three: Tanya's Kebble


At first glance an anomaly in the Kapital narrative, ’Tanya’s Kebble’ insists, however, on its place in the project.


The Brett Kebble Art Awards was an unlikely event in the art world calendar of 2004/5. Sponsored by Brett Kebble, the accolades and considerable prize monies were eagerly sought by South African artists, even as details of the mining magnate's highly nefarious business practices were haemorrhaging in the media. Preparations for the third iteration of the event were cut short by Kebble’s murder in 2005.


In the following video, Tanya Katherine Poole - herself a Kebble award-winner - makes a painting from a snapshot of Kebble's killers. Tanya’s musings on her connection to Kebble, the activity around her painting, and the painting itself are appropriated into the Kapital project and featured on the non-ZERO-sum exhibition in February 2015. [see menu above]


Tanya’s Kebble’, and its association with the dark inspirations of acquisitiveness and greed, serves within Kapital as necessary caution to the self-congratulatory tone of value manipulation.